My father Walter Kaltenbach was born in Oberrotweil. This is in the Kaiserstuhl region of southwest Germany. He lived most of his life in Edmonton, Alberta, and passed away in 2011.

Much of the Kaltenbach family moved away from the Kaiserstuhl.

Frieda Chies (nee Kaltenbach) and Marcel Chies live in Edmonton, Alberta. Gino Chies and his family live in St. Albert, Alberta.

Siegfried and Doris Kaltenbach and family ran the Vulkanstueble hotel in Achkarren in the Kaiserstuhl. Siegfried Kaltenbach has passed away. Their son Dieter lives in the area, and their son Frank lives in Dresden.

Max and Arline Kaltenbach lived in California near San Diego. Max Kaltenbach has passed away. Their sons Jason and Justin Kaltenbach live near Los Angeles.

Heiner Kaltenbach, who lived in British Columbia, and Marlies Kaltenbach, who remained in the Kaieserstuhl, have passed away.

Otto Calton (nee Kaltenbach) and his children live somewhere in British Columbia. I guess Otto didn't like the Kaltenbach name.


My mother Liliane (nee Erb) was born in Illhaeusern. This is in the Alsace region of eastern France. Here is a short Alsatian story that Lily wrote, an Alsatian Remembrance Day poem that Lily wrote, and a traditional Alsatian comical blessing that Lily preserved. She lived most of her life in Edmonton, Alberta, and passed away in 2001.

Most of the Erb family still lives in the Alsace region.

Henri and Josephine Erb lived in Illhaeusern. Henri has passed away. Their son Hubert lives in Illhaeusern, their son Bernard lives in Reichsfeld, and their daughter Liliane Schreiber lives in Elsenheim.

Celina Grosboillot (nee Erb) (late husband Paul) lives in St. Louis. Her daughter Sonia Fanger lives in St. Louis, and her daughter Lydia Sturma lives in Riquewhir.

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